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# Source: # License: Creative Commons Zero (almost public domain) import numpy as np from pylab import plot, show, grid def get_ellipse_coords(a=0.0, b=0.0, x=0.0, y=0.0, angle=0.0, k=2): """ Draws an ellipse using (360*k + 1) discrete points; based on pseudo code given at k = 1 means 361 points (degree by degree) a = major axis distance, b = minor axis distance, x = offset along the x-axis y = offset along the y-axis angle = clockwise rotation [in degrees] of the ellipse; * angle=0 : the ellipse is aligned with the positive x-axis * angle=30 : rotated 30 degrees clockwise from positive x-axis """ pts = np.zeros((360*k+1, 2)) beta = -angle * np.pi/180.0 sin_beta = np.sin(beta) cos_beta = np.cos(beta) alpha = np.radians(np.r_[0.:360.:1j*(360*k+1)]) sin_alpha = np.sin(alpha) cos_alpha = np.cos(alpha) pts[:, 0] = x + (a * cos_alpha * cos_beta - b * sin_alpha * sin_beta) pts[:, 1] = y + (a * cos_alpha * sin_beta + b * sin_alpha * cos_beta) return pts if __name__ == '__main__': # Plot a unit circle centered at (+2, +3) pts = get_ellipse_coords(a=1.0, b=1.0, x=2, y=3,k=1./8) ax = plot(pts[:,0], pts[:,1]) # Set the aspect ratio so it looks like a circle; add a grid as well ax[0].get_axes().set_aspect(1) grid('on') # Ellipse, with major axis length = 4, minor axis = 1, centered at (0,0) pts = get_ellipse_coords(a=4.0, b=1.0) ax = plot(pts[:,0], pts[:,1]) # Rotate the above ellipse by 30 degrees and use only 11 points! pts = get_ellipse_coords(a=4.0, b=1.0, angle=30,k=1./36) ax = plot(pts[:,0], pts[:,1]) # Use all the options and 721 points: pts = get_ellipse_coords(a=2.0, b=0.25, x=-4, y=-2, angle=250,k=2) ax = plot(pts[:,0], pts[:,1]) show()

The code will plot any ellipse where you specify the major and minor axis distances, optional translation by \(x, y\) units, and an optional rotation.

This revision deploys numpy broadcasting and numpy r_, and allows for a choice of 360*k + 1 for the number of points of each plot.

Expected result:


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