Building a simple interactive 2d-data viewer with Matplotlib

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# License: Creative Commons Zero (almost public domain) """ Example usage of matplotlibs widgets: Build a small 2d Data viewer. Shows 2d-data as a pcolormesh, a click on the image shows the crossection (x or y, depending on the mouse button) and draws a corresponding line in the image, showing the location of the crossections. A reset button deletes all crossections plots. Works with matplotlib 1.0.1. """ from matplotlib.widgets import Cursor, Button import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np plt.rcParams['font.size']=8 class viewer_2d(object): def __init__(self,z,x=None, y=None): """ Shows a given array in a 2d-viewer. Input: z, an 2d array. x,y coordinters are optional. """ if x==None: self.x=np.arange(z.shape[0]) else: self.x=x if y==None: self.y=np.arange(z.shape[1]) else: self.y=y self.z=z self.fig=plt.figure() #Doing some layout with subplots: self.fig.subplots_adjust(0.05,0.05,0.98,0.98,0.1) self.overview=plt.subplot2grid((8,4),(0,0),rowspan=7,colspan=2) self.overview.pcolormesh(self.x,self.y,self.z) self.overview.autoscale(1,'both',1) self.x_subplot=plt.subplot2grid((8,4),(0,2),rowspan=4,colspan=2) self.y_subplot=plt.subplot2grid((8,4),(4,2),rowspan=4,colspan=2) #Adding widgets, to not be gc'ed, they are put in a list: cursor=Cursor(self.overview, useblit=True, color='black', linewidth=2 ) but_ax=plt.subplot2grid((8,4),(7,0),colspan=1) reset_button=Button(but_ax,'Reset') but_ax2=plt.subplot2grid((8,4),(7,1),colspan=1) legend_button=Button(but_ax2,'Legend') self._widgets=[cursor,reset_button,legend_button] #connect events reset_button.on_clicked(self.clear_xy_subplots) legend_button.on_clicked(self.show_legend) self.fig.canvas.mpl_connect('button_press_event', def show_legend(self, event): """Shows legend for the plots""" for pl in [self.x_subplot,self.y_subplot]: if len(pl.lines)>0: pl.legend() plt.draw() def clear_xy_subplots(self,event): """Clears the subplots.""" for j in [self.overview,self.x_subplot,self.y_subplot]: j.lines=[] j.legend_ = None plt.draw() def click(self,event): """ What to do, if a click on the figure happens: 1. Check which axis 2. Get data coord's. 3. Plot resulting data. 4. Update Figure """ if event.inaxes==self.overview: #Get nearest data xpos=np.argmin(np.abs(event.xdata-self.x)) ypos=np.argmin(np.abs(event.ydata-self.y)) #Check which mouse button: if event.button==1: #Plot it c,=self.y_subplot.plot(self.y, self.z[:,xpos],label=str(self.x[xpos])) self.overview.axvline(self.x[xpos],color=c.get_color(),lw=2) elif event.button==3: #Plot it c,=self.x_subplot.plot(self.x, self.z[ypos,:],label=str(self.y[ypos])) self.overview.axhline(self.y[ypos],color=c.get_color(),lw=2) if event.inaxes==self.y_subplot: ypos=np.argmin(np.abs(event.xdata-self.y)) c=self.x_subplot.plot(self.x, self.z[ypos,:],label=str(self.y[ypos])) self.overview.axhline(self.y[ypos],color=c.get_color(),lw=2) if event.inaxes==self.x_subplot: xpos=np.argmin(np.abs(event.xdata-self.x)) c,=self.y_subplot.plot(self.y, self.z[:,xpos],label=str(self.x[xpos])) self.overview.axvline(self.x[xpos],color=c.get_color(),lw=2) #Show it plt.draw() if __name__=='__main__': #Build some strange looking data: x=np.linspace(-3,3,300) y=np.linspace(-4,4,400) X,Y=np.meshgrid(x,y) z=np.sqrt(X**2+Y**2)+np.sin(X**2+Y**2) w, h = 512, 512 from matplotlib import cbook datafile = cbook.get_sample_data('ct.raw', asfileobj=False) print 'loading', datafile s = file(datafile, 'rb').read() A = np.fromstring(s, np.uint16).astype(float) A *= 1.0/max(A) A.shape = w, h #Put it in the viewer fig_v=viewer_2d(z,x,y) fig_v2=viewer_2d(A) #Show it

This is a very simple, but practical 2d-data viewer, which uses only matplotlib widgets.

Click: on the image or the plots to get a cross section - x or y depending on the mouse button.

Example, which will show if you run the code


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